ROSE® flexible theft-proof tie-down

Flexible tie-down ROSE offers the option of securing any means of transport to both frame and rear wheel in a theft-proof manner. Being able to move to and from the frame prevents damage to the means of transport when parking.

ROSE is part of the AXLE product line, but can also be used as a stand-alone unit to securely attach (cargo) bicycles, scooters and motorcycles to both frame and rear wheel.

ROSE: an innovative user-friendly alternative to the traditional staple or leaning gate.

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E-bikes increasingly prey for bicycle thieves

The number of reports of theft of e-bikes has risen sharply again. In 2021, an increase of 25% was recorded compared to 2020. E-bike theft has increased by no less than 74% in the past 2 years. In absolute figures, this is now 22,593 declarations per year. This is evident from an analysis of the reporting figures of the National Police by the Stichting Aanpak Fiets- en E-bike theft (S.A.F.E.).

In 2020, e-bike sales already accounted for 50% of the total market. Unfortunately, this also increases crime. In short, the market is not really user-friendly at the moment.

The declaration figures show that by far the most declarations relate to the ‘simple’ theft of e-bikes on the street. However, there were also 1,908 reports of classified theft. This includes theft from homes, (garage) boxes, sheds, office buildings and other buildings, whether or not by means of forced entry and/or violence. This makes it clear that criminals actively observe where these types of bicycles are parked. It is therefore important to secure the e-bike in these places with 2 locks and to fasten it to the ground or wall.