Our history

Founder Ton Kooymans

For Ton Kooymans, ‘The cycling society’ has been the most important theme in his work for over 35 years. He is the designer/owner of the Netherlands’ most successful bicycle parking facility ‘Tulip’, introduced in 1995. The same applies to the ‘bicycle shelters and lockers’ that have been installed at all Dutch public transport stations since 1999 and the automated bicycle parking system ‘Lock ‘n’ Go’, which was developed in 2008.

In our history, or 1999, Ton developed the Netherlands’ first web-based bicycle sharing system for ordinary bicycles and started ‘Calllock bikesharing’. In 2019 he did the same under the name MoByShare, but this time for electric shared mobility with smart locks.

“However, the blood is thicker than water!”

All innovations in the bicycle world meant that modern bicycles no longer fit in the traditional, old-fashioned bicycle sheds. Ton saw this as a huge challenge!

‘Development of a sustainable bicycle parking facility suitable for contemporary bicycles and just as successful as the Tulip!’

Kooymans invested no less than five years to map out the entire playing field of bicycle parking and to develop and test solutions. He was supported by a team of enthusiastic young ambitious people.

All this led to the creation of STREET-STUFF in 2021!

“Experience from the past together with talent of the future”

Our team

Ton Kooymans
Director Owner

‘The youth has the future and the talent to do even better’

Stefan Bukkems
Design & engineer (partner)

‘Good design is a balance between design and engineering’

Tess Custers

‘Reducing a complex problem into a powerful design.’

Rik Simonse

‘Sustainability is our key to a bright future’

Seyda Kara

Henk van Zouwen

Meike van der Mee
Office manager

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