Bicycle parking solutions for schools / campuses

Product line AXLE is suitable for all types of contemporary school bicycles with tires up to a thickness of 60mm and equipped with accessories. AXLE has a theft-proof tie-down facility and can be installed without any earthwork. Bicycle railing UNO offers a budget-friendly alternative for places where more space is available.

Research conducted by Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen shows that 76% of the bicycles of secondary school students are not (correctly) placed in the designated bicycle parking facilities at schools / campuses. The main reason is that contemporary ‘school bicycles’, equipped with wide handlebars with cables and accessories, thick tires and front fork luggage carrier, simply do not fit in the conventional bicycle racks that are set up too cramped. The result is messy schoolyards, obstruction of escape routes and damage and theft of the valuable bicycles.

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Anneke Merkx / Traffic advisor, Mobility Department / Royal Has Koning DHV. The user survey of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, held in October 2022, yields positive experiences. People like to park their bicycles in ‘De Kas’ and an additional advantage: all bicycles are in the bicycle rack! In addition to ease of use, sustainability plays a major role in the design. The shed is built with a limited number of components, is produced in the region and assembled locally. So a short chain.

Damage to the precious bicycle

For fear of damaging the bicycle wheels, so-called ‘rim killer’ bicycle clamps are hardly used. Front fork systems are not popular because they damage the (suspension) front fork and are too narrow for bicycles with a luggage carrier on the front fork. Handlebar hanging systems are not suitable for crate bicycles and bicycles with cables and accessories.

AXLE supports parked bicycles very stably only on the front wheel hub and puts an end to the ‘rim killer’ phenomenon! There is no contact / conflict whatsoever with the vulnerable parts of the precious bicycle.

Increase in bicycle theft

No fewer than 735,000 bicycles and e-bikes were stolen in 2021! Stichting Aanpak Fiets- en E-bike theft makes an urgent appeal to municipalities “To make extra efforts to prevent and combat this phenomenon that is getting out of hand. The main cause is the inability to secure the valuable (electric) bicycles to the bicycle frame in a theft-proof manner. (source)

AXLE can be fitted with a fixed attachment device IVO or a flexible attachment device ROSE that enables attachment to the frame and rear wheel! E-loading locker CHARLY offers the possibility to load while parking while the e-bike and transformer are both secured with their own tie-down chain.

Efficient use of space & placement

Bicycle leaning gates (bicycle staples) require a lot of surface area and result in a messy streetscape due to the careless parking of bicycles. The disadvantage of installing these traditional leaning gates is the nuisance and environmentally harmful earthwork that often costs more than the sheds themselves.

Bicycle leaning gate UNO forces users by means of the ground girders to store the bicycles neatly centrally. Capacity parking AXLE offers more space on the same surface. Both systems can be installed without earthwork pop-up.

Sustainability & Circularity

Discussions about sustainability ‘People, Planet, Profit’ and ‘Green Deal’ are the order of the day. Putting all this into practice is a major challenge for many municipalities.

All our products are fully circular in design: high quality, 100% functional and modularly constructed from a limited number of parts. Can be assembled and installed on site after compact transport with light vehicles without costly, polluting and nuisance-causing earthwork. In the event of damage, our products are easy to repair and easy to recycle at the end of their lifespan.


The UNO bicycle railing is supplied in units for parking and tethering 8 bicycles. The ground girders force the users to place the bicycle neatly and centrally between the brackets. UNO is installed without earthwork and offers the perfect temporary (pop-up) solution if desired.

Capacity parking AXLE in the so-called high/low version offers more bicycle spaces on the same surface.
The 500mm c.c. size offers all modern bicycles an orderly, easily accessible place with a theft-proof attachment facility. The double-sided bicycles are pushed together in such a way that less space is required.

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  • How to install without earthwork?
    • By using the bases of the old units:
      • AXLE units are connected to the old bases with anchors;
      • A traverse with AXLE units is connected to the old piers with anchors;
      • A traverse with AXLE units and side supports is connected to the floor with anchors;
    • Holes are drilled in the ground and filled with quick concrete into which an anchor pin is inserted;
    • Interconnected by the AXLE units by means of 4 mm thick steel base plates and, if desired, anchored to the subsoil.
  • Which finishing is supplied?
    • Galvanized;
    • Hot-dip galvanized and provided with a double layer powder coating in black (RAL 9005);
    • Hot-dip galvanized and/or double powder coated in RAL color as desired;
    • Corten steel on request;
    • Stainless steel on request.
  • What is the delivery time?
    • 16 weeks after order;
    • From stock.