Green deal in practice


The bicycle plays an important role in making society more sustainable and can play an even bigger role in this. An increase in bicycle use offers benefits in terms of accessibility, health, air quality, CO2 reduction, noise reduction and spatial quality. For the above reasons, the initiators of this Green Deal are striving for a larger bicycle share in commuter traffic. (Source Fietsersbond 16 juli 2018)

STREET STUFF! products are suitable for contemporary bicycles, of high quality, repairable and fully recyclable. They are transported very compactly, assembled locally and preferably installed without excavation work.

E-charging facility CHARLY offers the possibility to charge your e-(cargo) bike safely in public areas. A safe with a socket also offers space for your own charger/battery. During loading, the locker is closed by securely tying the bicycle with its own tie-down chain. A simple technique makes efficient use of its own attributes. In short, extra circular.

Batteries are disappearing from storage facilities.
In the summer there were several reports about the theft of electric bicycle batteries from parking facilities. For example, batteries were stolen from the station storage in Arnhem and from a storage in Amsterdam. Municipalities deny liability. (Source Fietsersbond 11 februari 2020)