Circular and modular bicycle parking facility is the latest innovation

Ton Kooymans, owner of Street Stuff, is a designer and entrepreneur in heart and soul and focuses on the future of the world and all its novelties. Michel Middendorp, commercial director at VConsyst Outdoor, is always looking for challenges and, like Ton, looking for innovations. Together they discuss a new product and the novelty of the moment: the Axle.

VConsyst Outdoor has been a new brand name since July 2020, which was created after the acquisition of Jan Kuipers Nunspeet and Koninklijke Bammens by VConsyst. The collaboration between Kooymans and Middendorp goes back many years, says Kooymans: “We have known each other for a long time, ever since I was a young designer. But over the years you really get to know each other better. I like to switch quickly and would like to sell my products through a large group.” Middendorp adds: “That really appeals to me, Ton. You focus on your ambition; designing. And we, as VConsyst Outdoor, are in line with this ambition to actually offer the product to a large group.”

What is the purpose of your collaboration?
Kooymans: “I, as an entrepreneur and Michel from VConsyst Outdoor, are ready to give our companies a face now. And for that we have taken up the challenge together to create something completely new. As the first product, it became the Axle.”

Middendorp: “The aim of the collaboration between Street Stuff and VConsyst Outdoor is to create something new every time. Something of this time. And the Axle really is the perfect start for that.”

Can you tell us more about the Axle?
Kooymans: “Bicycles are becoming more and more expensive, which means that user requirements are changing. And precisely for that, something new must be developed that is bicycle, user and service friendly. There are plenty of things we considered in the design process of the Axle. The bicycle parking facility Axle Heavy and the attachment facility Rose both have the FietsPar-Keur 2.0 standard. Stichting FietsParKeur is responsible for the testing and certification of bicycle parking systems. Together with users, manufacturers, governments and other stakeholders, the foundation promotes safe, pleasant and sustainable bicycle parking. With the Axle, the bicycle is supported on the axle, which is where the name comes from.

Middendorp: “When I heard Ton’s ideas, I was very interested. Bicycles are expensive, so you want to store your bicycle in a safe and user-friendly way. And the Axle has it all. For example, there is the option to go to the tethering facility with the chain, but there is also the option to bring the tether to you. This way you can also park the bicycle safely with a short lock. As a result, the possibilities of the Axle are optimally utilized.”

Kooymans: “With the Axle you simply cannot damage the bicycle

What makes the Axle so unique?
Kooymans: “With the Axle you simply cannot damage the bicycle. It is widely known that the use of the bicycle is good for mobility, health, but certainly also for the environment. With regard to the last subject, it perfectly matches the novelty. The product is 100% circular, mainly due to the Corten steel we use. In addition, the product is easy to move and the parts are mutually interchangeable and replaceable, which also makes the product directly modular. The Axle is also easy to install. The Axle bicycle sheds are placed without earthwork. This saves enormously on costs and offers the option of semi-permanent installation. The Axle Heavy weighs 42 kilograms and therefore does not need to be anchored. This makes it the perfect bicycle solution for stable, rim-friendly pop-up bicycle parking.”

Middendorp: “With this product, a new wind is blowing through this traditional world. We are so convinced that this is the bicycle parking solution of the future that we give customers the opportunity to try the product. Interested parties can request a demo of the Axle at VConsyst Outdoor.”

Kooymans calls the development of the Axle a good start to a long collaboration. “This is the start of a very nice collaboration, in which the Axle is launched as the first new product. And we are sure that many more products will follow.”

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This article appeared in Straatbeeld 06/2020. Read more about Straatbeeld in our digital library.