AXLE hub support

All our parking solutions are based on the patented AXLE hub support principle, which supports bicycles very stably only on the front wheel hub. AXLE is suitable for bicycles with wheel sizes from 26 to 29 inches with tires up to a thickness of 60 mm and also puts an end to the phenomenon of ‘rim killer’! There is no frame contact or conflict with the fragile parts and accessories of your precious bicycle.


Sometimes this is due to their different design, but much more often due to accessories such as panniers, crates and child seats. These ‘outdoor model bicycles’ regularly cause disorder in aisles, damage, nuisance and even dangerous situations. This was the reason to investigate the problem of outdoor model bicycles in parking facilities. National usage research conducted in 2022 by Arnhem Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences shows that more than 69% of parked bicycles are not placed in the designated bicycle parking facility.

The main reasons for not using it are simply that modern bicycles do not fit due to:

1  Fat Tires
2  Fitted accessories
3  Bicycle crate
4  Wide handlebars
5  Front fork luggage carrier

Risk of damage to:

6  Rims and wheels
7  Bicycle frame
8  Suspension fork
9  Cabling
10 Disc brakes